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That's Gnarly is a new social movement owned by the action sports community where athletes earn money for content they create.

Content creators submit videos, images, and other clips to That's Gnarly.

The community votes on their favorite content.

The best content earns creators money.

Creators are incredibly under-supported in today's world.

Most don't make any money, and the ones that do make a fraction of what they should.

That's Gnarly is a new way for athletes to earn money for their skills without having to sell themselves and their content out to a corporation.

It empowers people to take ownership of whats rightfully theirs.

Fans around the world can support their favorite athletes directly by collecting their favorite clips and getting their heroes paid directly.

We believe in a future where creatives can be paid the real value of their work and fans can support their favorite movements and heroes directly.

Culture should be owned by the people.

The more people submitting content, upvoting, and collecting clips, the more people we can onboard, the more money Gnars DAO and athletes earn, and the more powerful this movement becomes.

Submit the best action sports content. Anything that would make someone go, "Damn, #thatsgnarly!" Videos, images, and other clips are all welcome.
You can submit your content by uploading or linking to it via Instagram/Youtube etc. here.
You get paid once the content you submit reaches a certain level of community support and upvotes.
Fans and the action sports community collect their favorite clips through the Daily Drops.
Athletes have made $1000s of dollars from their content. Check out some drops here
Supporters and Collectors
You can support That's Gnarly by participating in Drops, upvoting your favorite content, and sharing the movement and hashtag #thatsgnarly.
You can collect the best action sports clips and support your favorite creators by participating in the Daily Drops.
The content that receives the most community support every day is available to collect. Basically, the highest voted content in a queue gets minted. Check out the creations page to see what’s next up.
You participate in the Daily Drops by buying an moment. moments give you voting rights to choose the next content that is dropped. The more you collect, the more money creators earn.
Collect a moment because you want to support your favorite creators and empower the action sports movement. You get to collect the hottest action sports content, and curate a killer collection of your favorites. Your moment purchase grants you voting rights to choose the next content that is dropped. You also support your favorite athletes directly, and give money to this community-owned revolution.
It costs ~$10 to buy a moment. The more you collect, the more money creators earn.
You can vote on content by visiting the Creations page. You need to own a moment or a Gnars DAO collectible in order to vote.
You have 5 votes per That's Gnarly moment you own.
You can share the movement by sharing the website and your favorite creations on Twitter/Instagram etc.
The money is split between Gnars DAO and the creator.
Gnars DAO is an internet organization that empowers action sports athletes around the world. It is a community-owned movement that is governed by a group of action sports enthusiasts and athletes. The community has a treasaury of over $100k that it uses to fund action sports athletes and creators. It is the Red Bull of the future.