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Limpeza de Praias (beach cleanups)

Limpeza de Praias (beach cleanups)

Beach cleanups in Rio for every mint

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I'm sure you've come across some amazing natural spots that were littered with trash, right? It just breaks your heart...

At least, I see this all the time. The moment I see it, I immediately feel like dropping everything I'm doing to clean it up!

That's precisely what I've decided to do! I'm going to roll up my sleeves, put on gloves, and remove every last cigarette butt from these magical corners.

If you want me to do this on your behalf as well, all you have to do is support this campaign here!

I've suggested a contribution based on cleaning time. Basically, I will clean for as long as you contribute, so the more people contribute, the more I'll clean.

Hire a few minutes of cleaning up beaches in Rio! We will clean those magical and neglected corners of our coast and share the details and lessons learned from the process.

Every mint results in 45 minutes of cleanup!

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