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Precious Plastic Espírito Santo

Precious Plastic Espírito Santo

♻️ Transforming plastic waste into more precious products

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Hi everyone, we are the Precious Plastic ES!

Managed by 2 brothers, Gabriel Carvalho Oceanographer (oak3) and Felipe Carvalho Economist (fcarva.eth) we decided to create this project of recycled HDPE Plastic Keychains based on the animals that arrive on our coast and need to emphasize the aspect of preservation and care, global heritage.

The Humpback Whale, Shark, Dolphin, and Turtles.

💡 Only 1% of plastic in Brazil is recycled, most of it in dumps, in the environment, and oceans causing a series of socio-environmental and economic impacts.

♻️ Our mission is to tackle the problem of plastic waste through upcycling.

💎 We transform post-consumer plastic into more durable and precious products. Part of the Precious Plastic community.

🌎 Sustainability and Environmental Education are the main pillars of Precious Plastic ES, which aims to transform people's perception of disposable

We work based in Vitória, capital of the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

Our city has long suffered from the enormous impact of plastic and pollution from large industries, and it has always been our duty to do our part.

Establishing a commitment to Precious Plastic our responsibility in actions, awareness, and defense of the Environment increases even more and we are grateful for that.

Let's Save the Planet!

The Team