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Meier Ramp Movement

Meier Ramp Movement

in honor to Jadson Brian Eterno

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The Story

What's up, bros!

We, from the movement for the renovation of the Meier mini ramp, ask your help to make our project, which is also our dream, come to fruition!

As you know, we are gathering money to refurbish a classic skateboard spot located in the Meier neighbourhood, in Rio's North Zone. The spot got vandalized and became a refuge for crack users in the last years, thereby bringing distress and fear to the neighbourhood - instead of the joy, creativity and positive energy it once spread.

Our project encompasses not only the refurbishing of the spot but, also organising a major event to celebrate its renovation! This event will include the live performance of local punk rock bands, DJs, MCs and a best trick contest. This will be a memorable celebration of life, friendship and skateboards. I'm sure that our beloved frond will be smiling in the heavens.

Thus, your financial help is crucial for us to implement everything we had planned to bring the spot to its old glory!

This place means a lot to us, who grew up skateboarding and having fun there. Among us, stood out our beloved and late friend Jadson Brian, who was one of the most thrilled skaters at the spot. So, this cause is on his behalf and a homage to our beloved spot and friend. ,