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Rodney Mullen’s Skatrix

Rodney Mullen’s Skatrix

Augmented Reality Skateboarding Game

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The Story

I’m currently a intern/volunteer to test and promote Rodney Mullen’s groundbreaking new mobile game Skatrix. The game is pioneering a new frontier for not just skateboarding games but gaming as a whole. Skatrix uses Augmented Reality technology to scan real 3D environments with your phone and skate them and create unique innovations. I’d like to raise funding to donate to the skatrix development team to keep pushing the boundaries of the realism of interactions of your avatar with the world. Also to be able to travel to real iconic skate spots to film gameplay as I have done in LA. I feel Rodney has contributed so much to skating that we are all thankful for and I’m truly honored to support his game and continue to encourage creativity and innovation while having fun.,